How to Sing Like a Shaker: Mastering Shaker Melodies



The timeless and spiritual melodies of Shaker music have a unique power to touch the soul. Whether you’re a musician seeking to incorporate Shaker-style singing into your repertoire or simply curious about this remarkable tradition, mastering Shaker melodies can be a deeply rewarding journey. In this guide, we will walk you through the essentials of singing like a Shaker, capturing the simplicity, sincerity, and spirituality that define this cherished musical tradition.

Understanding the Essence of Shaker Singing

1. Simplicity as a Virtue

Central to Shaker singing is the principle of simplicity. Shaker hymns are characterized by straightforward melodies and lyrics that eschew ornamentation. Embrace the idea that less is more, and let the purity of your voice shine through.

2. Sincerity and Spirituality

Shaker singing is a spiritual experience. Approach each hymn with sincerity and a deep connection to the lyrics and their message. Understand that you are not just singing; you are expressing your devotion and faith.

Learning Shaker Hymns

1. Start with the Basics

Begin your journey by learning some of the most iconic Shaker hymns, such as “Simple Gifts” or “Tis the Gift to be Simple.” These hymns are excellent starting points because of their simplicity and widespread recognition.

2. Study the Lyrics

Dive into the lyrics of Shaker hymns. Shaker songs are often deeply poetic and filled with spiritual symbolism. Understanding the meaning behind the words will allow you to convey the intended message with authenticity.

3. Practice A Cappella

Shaker singing is often a cappella, meaning without instrumental accompaniment. Practice singing hymns without instruments to capture the unadorned beauty of the melodies. Focus on achieving precise harmonies if singing in a group.

Embracing Shaker Singing Techniques

1. Unison and Harmony

Shaker singing often involves unison and harmony. Experiment with both to understand how harmonies can add depth and emotional resonance to the music. Pay attention to the balance between the voices in a group setting.

2. Controlled Vibrato

Shaker singing typically favors a controlled or minimal use of vibrato. This technique enhances the purity and simplicity of the vocal tone. Practice singing without excessive vibrato to capture the Shaker style.

3. Diction and Clarity

Ensure that your diction is clear and precise. Shaker hymns often feature intricate and meaningful lyrics. Enunciate each word so that the spiritual message shines through.

Joining a Shaker Singing Group

To truly master Shaker melodies, consider joining a Shaker singing group or a community that specializes in Shaker music. Being part of a group allows you to experience the communal aspect of Shaker singing, where voices come together to create a harmonious whole.


Mastering Shaker melodies is not just about singing; it’s about connecting with a deep spiritual tradition that emphasizes simplicity, sincerity, and unity. As you embark on this journey, remember that Shaker singing is as much a reflection of the heart as it is a musical practice. Let the beauty of Shaker melodies inspire and uplift your spirit as you explore this timeless tradition.

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